Monday, January 23, 2012

New year + some pretty neat paintings


It is a new year, and great things are happening!



Also, the Reeds have been active as well! We recently played our good friend Lacey Bryant's art opening at Modern Eden gallery in San Francisco on january 21st! We had the honor of being Lacey's models for a couple of her paintings that were displayed in the show, and they look amazing!
Please check out Lacey's website here, she's incredibly talented!

Here are some pictures from the night!



And finally, Robert DeLong (aka Rob-dawg) continues to wow audiences and i am so lucky to be friends with such a talented fellow! Occasionally i will join him on - stage for live performances of "Perfect" but even if i am not singing I wouldn't miss a show for the world. It is a great community of friends and one of the things i look forward to most. He continues his residency at Los Globos and on January 21st got to play with Dillon Francis at the Observatory (big room) in Orange County.

He's also being played on KROQ and KCRW, so please call in and request OR send an e-mail requesting:

1 (800) 520-1067


Safe Travels! Xx

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