Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Invisible Children and new songs!

Friends! Hello!



A couple of new things to share with you!
Invisible Children, our great friends, featured us on their mini-playlist this past Monday (4/9/12)
You can check it out [ here! ]



Also, I've released a few solo songs on my Bandcamp for FREE download! (you can also listen on the Solo tab of my site)

"Figures" was recorded live with great friends Matt Starcher and Kiel Feher with Patrick Mundy engineering the session with help from Mick McAdams and Matt. It was a great time!

"Oak Tree's Song" was also recorded live, engineered by Matt Starcher and filmed by Aaron Flynn for their series "Anatomy of Sound" - This was recorded about a year and a half ago, but i just decided to release it live for FREE!

So head on over to my Bandcamp (click on my solo tab on my website) and check them out!

The instrumentation on my solo CD will be a bit different, but it is always fun experimenting with new sounds for live performances!

Thank you for the continued support!
Stay tuned for Branches and Wild Reeds tour dates under my shows tab!