Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Post St.

A video for the poem i wrote in the previous post.
Poem, Video, and Music by yours truly.
Hope you enjoy!

"Post St."

Walking down Post to meet you at noon for lunch. We ordered a latte and some sandwiches at Café Madeleine,
while we were entranced by the archaic buildings blocking the sunlight from our faces.
We talked about the city and watched the people roam aimlessly looking for which direction to find some sense or form of validation in one way or another.
Everything was at peace and calm, though the city was delusive and restless devouring some and completely amazing others.
Passing me on the way to meet you was a red tour bus, with tourists wanting to take in the city from the top of the double decker.
They looked down at me with their sunhats and cameras ready to capture anything.
What brought them here?
Some are looking to get away from their lives, trying to escape and live vicariously through the locals of the city
Others, roaming the streets walking in direct lines, avoiding eye contact with all human forms wanting to get from point A to point B with little to no interaction, missing everything that can help them grow.
Maybe they are walking home from work, or walking home from the bar after an afternoon pick me up, or walking to it looking to drown their sorrows in a bottle of gin.
Some are wondering where to sleep that night, or wondering where there next fix will come from and when, completely at the will of the drugs.
Others are feeling a complete sense of freedom being surrounded by something completely new and foreign feeling a sense of ecstasy from wandering around, letting the city guide them.
They take the buildings by the hand and give up all forms of control to the flow of the breeze.
I came here, travelling to play music, only passing through on my way up to Portland.
But truly, I couldn’t wait to sit with you and laugh with you.
I look at the people just as they look at me, wondering who I am and what has brought me to this city.
They look at me, not knowing I haven’t seen you in weeks or knowing my emotional state. And maybe if they did they’d be more polite.
But we have all come to the city looking for something or looking for the city to give to us.
Rather, we should come to the city with open arms looking to give our stories to the city.
We should embrace it and all that’s within it and make love to it.
We should embrace all of it’s people and all of it’s life and add too it.
What is a city without people to fill it?
It is only concrete walls with streets that are cold and windy.
Throw yourself onto the city, and give all that you can.
It is one of the few things that is ours.