Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"North Winds"

Friends!! I've been working away on multiple little projects here and there, and I FINISH recording my solo album THIS THURSDAY! Woo!

In between Branches and my solo work, I also was so honored to sing and collaborate with my great friend (and bandmate) Jacob Montague once again for his newest album "North Winds".  I am consistently amazed by the new sound Jacob creates. He continues to re-invent himself whilst still staying true to his musical identity.

Relevant Magazine also did a sweet pre-stream and write up  - H E R E  -  so check it out!

While you are buying "North Winds"  - H E R E - please stock up on all of Jacob's albums - H E R E - you will not be sorry one bit. Everything is also available on Itunes as well.

Now go buy all of Jacbo's music!

Love and peace,
- x N