Friday, July 18, 2014

"Laggies" & "Afternoon Delight" Trailer Placements!




So excited to announce that Branches' song "Darlin'" was placed in the movie trailer "Laggies", and it actually looks like a great film as well! We are in the opening minute or so. Check it out below!

And our other recent trailer placement was for the movie Afternoon Delight  - "Helicopter" starts about halfway through until the end! - Check it out below (but heads up! Maybe not for the kiddos!)

My great friend and fellow band made Jacob Montague also is getting ready to release a new album and I was so honored to get to collaborate with him again. One of my favorites to work with. So GET EXCITED! It's honestly insanely great. I'll share it with you soon :) In the meantime check out his work on my FRIENDS tab.

Love and Peace,
x- N

Thursday, July 10, 2014

New "BRANCHES" Covers Album + "Ring of Fire"


It is summertime and it is HOT! Too hot, but I have plenty of episodes of Sherlock to keep me indoors and entertained.

About a month or so ago, BRANCHES released our second "Covers" album (with artwork by our very own Mitchell Dong) through one of our licensing companies, Position Music. Great lads and ladies over there, and we love the way these recordings turned out! A favorite of ours is our "Somebody to Love" cover (The Jeffereson Airplane one, not the Beiber one, though we've unashamedly covered that one as well). With the help of our friends at The Fortress Studio in Los Angeles, and Andy Freeman (Eisley, Manchester Orchestra), we cranked these tunes out, as well as our single "Darlin'" which is mentioned in previous news posts.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did making it! Get it  [ H E R E ] or listen on Spotify - [ H E R E ]


While you are at it, check out our full discography at our Bandcamp [ H E R E] and snatch up our other Covers album, or any one of our albums that you don't have yet! Check it all out on Itunes, Bandcamp (linked above), or Spotify.

Lastly, if you don't keep up with our YouTube video yet, you should! I am not as good as I should be about posting our new cover videos (like our Beiber "Somebody to Love", but subscribe to us and keep updated far more than I can provide! Check out our YouTube page [ H E R E ]

While I am here though, I will leave you with our newest cover while I remember. It is with our BFF's The Show Ponies and you better check them out or you are missing out on so much joy and life!

Love and Warmth (or a cool breeze, if it's as hot for you as it is here)
X - N