Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Changes and Happenings

Hello Friends!

A lot has happened in the past few months.
I have graduated college now, and will continue playing music!



Branches released a few more Christmas songs this year available HERE on our Bandcamp.

They are also on Noisetrade, though I am not sure for how long, so get them free there while you can!
We just completed a West Coast Christmas tour with some new instrumentation and a fresh set.
It was a blast singing with all of you!



I also recently released the news of my departure from my band The Wild Reeds, and here is my formal goodbye below. Thank you all for the support over the years, it has been an incredible three years with these ladies. The girls will continue on to make more great music with the addition of a few new band members and I encourage you to keep following them, because I know I sure will. I will play my final farewell show with the girls as the "last original members show" on January 13th at Cal Poly Pomona. Check my Shows tab for more info.

"So the time has come to announce my formal departure of my band, 'The Wild Reeds'. This has been an amazing journey of three years, and the decision came with no dramatic happening or wrongdoing, only a lot of prayer and deep thought. Time was beginning to run it’s course in my life and time management throughout each musical endeavor I was involved in, became tough! Though change is imminent, these girls are amazing and will be my friends for the rest of my life and I will always be proud to call myself A Wild Reed! J I will continue playing music and will continue to perform and write music as well! It was not at all an easy decision, nor free of emotional bouts, but The Wild Reeds will press on with the addition of a few new members and a few new changes and will continue to press forward with this journey, so please continue to follow! I will be playing my final show January 13th at the Cal Poly Pomona Agriculture Center. It’s going to be a great night at a beautiful venue and we hope to see you there! Thank you so much for all of your incredible support and encouraging comments over the years – it would’ve been so SO much harder without you."

X – natalie